Picking a case manager is an important part of working towards long term rehabilitation goals. It is important to set clear expectations and be comfortable working with your case manager over a period of time.

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Some questions to consider when meeting with or deciding on a case manager:

Some things to consider

  • What leave arrangements will be in place if my case manager takes leave?
  • Does your case manager work as a sole trader/ individual or within a team?
  • What type of contact do you prefer from your case manager (face to face, email, phone).
  • What things did you like about your last case manager?
  • What things frustrated you/ were challenging when working with your last case manager/ service providers?
  • Do you have any cultural or other requests that would be helpful to share with your case manager?
  • What are the most important things you expect from your case manager?
  • How much understanding/ experience does your case manager have regarding the Lifetime Care and Support Guidelines and associated paperwork?

This information was created following feedback families that reported difficulty selecting a case manager. It is hoped that it will provide some guidance as to the types of questions that might be helpful to consider during the process of case manager appointment.

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