Questions to consider

  • Do you already have some attendant care workers in your team that work in the area that I live?
  • Do I get to meet potential attendant care workers before they start working with me? Can you explain this process and what I can expect?
  • Would I have a central contact person at your company that would look
  • If I wanted an attendant care worker to drive me to a leisure or recreation activity using their car (that is NOT part of my rehabilitation) is this possible; and if it is, how much would it cost per km and when would you invoice my family or me?
  • If I had a car (with the appropriate insurances and so forth) can my attendant care worker drive this? Is there any cost to me if this arrangement is possible?
  • Do you have a 24-­‐hour hotline (in case something should happen) and I need to change the details of my attendant care program.
  • Is there anything that attendant care workers are NOT able to assist me with i.e heavy lifting
  • If one of my attendant care workers does not show up (when I am expecting them), what is the process?
  • Is it possible for an attendant care worker to travel with me on holidays (assuming Lifetime Care approvals my care plan).
  • What type of training/ qualifications do your staff have?
  • I enjoy _________ ; would your staff be willing to go with me to __________?
  • Expectation setting is important → ask about time frames for setting up a program, setting boundaries with care staff and care reviews (face to face catch ups to work through the next plan).

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